Spin Casino Not Working: Customer Service Tips

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Tell me three things about yourself. But first, let us guess one. You're having trouble with a game not working and need to reach Spin Casino customer service. We're not psychic, we're just here to help.

Since you're not psychic either, here's exactly what we'll go over in this post:

  1. Ways to Contact Customer Service
  2. Troubleshooting Tips
  3. Confusing Term Definitions

Tips on Contacting Spin Casino's Customer Service

  • Live Chat or E-Mail - Players experiencing issues with codes or games that are not working or have questions can contact customer service at Spin Casino through live chat support or e-mailing support@thepalacegroup.com.
  • Available Anytime and Be Pleasant - Available for you 24/7, users can ask their questions at the wee hours of the morning or even during winter family gatherings. Having a courteous and polite attitude will get you further than being rude and yelling.
  • Read Requirements Before Playing - You can avoid a lot of back-and-forths figuring out why your game is not working by reading all of the terms and conditions before playing any casino games. Spin Casino customer service agents are happy to help, but most answers to frequently asked questions can be found on their website.

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Understanding the Basics

Here are a few casino terms and their definitions, so you don't get lost trying to see why your game is not working.

  • Match Bonus - Casinos will match your deposit amount, up to a certain amount. You can play off of one deposit all night long with high percentage matches.
  • Wagering Requirements - Mandatory and expected fulfillment one must complete before bonus funds can be available for a payout. Bonus requirements also must be met; if not your bonus could be voided or your account ends up not working. So if you need to contact customer service at Spin Casino, make sure you've fulfilled all requirements.
  • Cryptocurrency - Electronic currency, like Bitcoin, that many casinos are using. Casinos will even reward players for using cryptocurrency as a banking method. If the game you selected is not working, make sure your bonus was for the correct deposit method and amount.

By understanding terms that are confused by most, you can avoid playing on a site that ends up not working or giving you trouble. Then, you won't need to add another thing to your already long to do list, like contacting a support agent

What Part is Not Working?

Let's troubleshoot really quickly. Review the bonus code you tried to use and make sure you wrote it down correctly. Also, make sure the code isn't expired; that could be a reason why your code is not working.

Websites constantly try to lure players with promising hefty promo codes. Then, when a player tries to claim the bonus after making a deposit, an error pops up; the code is not working. Make sure you source your promo information for reputable sites. Often, the best places for codes are the casino itself and their approved affiliates.

Are You Playing on a Smartphone, Tablet, or Laptop?

You could run into a betting site that's not working by using the wrong device intended for the establishment. For example, you use a mobile device for a casino with terms stating it can only be played on a downloaded app. This could be a solution to your problem, no need to email customer service at Spin Casino.

Looking over the bonus requirements, terms, and conditions will help you gather the information you need and give you a clue why the website is not working. You can play confidentially knowing you'll be requesting a real money payout.

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How to Contact Spin Casino Customer Service

The best way to reach someone at Spin Casino customer service department is to initiate a live chat. Once you're on the website, you'll see a button, "Contact Us". By clicking this, you can find the link to a live chat agent.

If you're not asking any pressing questions that need to be answered right away, e-mail will be a fine option. Of course, simple things like password assistance are all available on their website.

What Other Reputable Sites are Saying

A recent reviewer rated Spin Casino and their customer service a 4 out 5. They describe the site as organized and properly licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. Even noted was the care for players with resources on safe play.

Another review site ranked Spin a 3.6 out of 5. However, when review forums were closely analyzed, customers complained of poor customer service and not ever seeing their payouts. Of course, you can make your own judgement but you should use caution when doing business with any online casino.

You should also use caution when reading reviews. Players can say whatever they want, including information that isn't true. Don't believe every word you read. Some users may report a positive experience while others complain of a negative one. It's ultimately your call to make.

Bonus Requirements Could be Why Your Game is Not Working

Casinos clearly display their terms and conditions for promotional offers and bonuses. You can find them by clicking a link near the bottom of Spin's website or by visiting the casino's FAQ page.

Before players contact Spin Casino customer service, it's their responsibility to make sure they've fulfilled all bonus requirements. If your payout transaction is declined, failure to meet requirements might be the reason why. Double-check that you've done what you need to, then report your issue to the support chat.

Restricted Users

Perhaps the casino is not working because you reside in a country on the list of restricted territories. If you live in the United States, Turkey, Spain, France, or Australia, even the customer service department at Spin Casino won't be able to help you. Playing is forbidden in your lay of the land.

Players in the United Kingdom are most favored at this site. So if you live in this area, luck is already on your side and the casino is not working due to your location.

Spin Not Working FAQ

  • Why is my bonus code not working? - Try basic troubleshooting methods like checking for expired codes, switching browsers, or meeting deposit minimums.
  • Why did my funds disappear? - If a player requests a payout too early, before requirements are satisfied, you probably agreed to have the funds voided. Not on purpose, of course, but by signing up for a new account you agree to a lot of terms and conditions and this was one of them. Don't make a fool out of yourself by calling customer service at Spin Casino
  • How long does it take to receive a response from Spin Casino customer service? -Most commonly, users reported getting a response from someone within 1 to 3 business days, some times longer depending on the severity of the case. Keep track of your documents to speed things along.

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So, What's Next?

The next few steps are easy. You'll review your bonus code that is not working for any misprints or typos. Then, double-check that the promo you found wasn't from a year ago. If that fails, make sure you live in a place that isn't restricted for play.

Once you've done your part, a customer service agent at Spin Casino will more than likely be happy to help you figure out why the site isn't working. Remember to be nice to support agents, they absorb a lot of negative energy. They'll be more helpful if you're nice to them right off the bat.